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Maybe it started as a childhood daydream. You lay on the grass, looking up at the sky—and you dreamed of becoming a doctor someday. You longed to help people. To heal. To minister. To make a difference.

Have you realized this dream? Or are you still longing for something more? Maybe the Lord is leading you to Total Health Physician Group.

We’re seeking committed, Christ-centered physicians who are eager to be part of a pioneering health care venture that combines modern medicine with ministry. That takes the time to see patients as whole people—physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. That keeps alive God’s blueprint for Seventh-day Adventist health care.

We’re looking for someone motivated to work in a ground-breaking new model of health care: a church-owned clinic that extends the healing ministry of Christ. Someone eager to stand side by side with pastor, church members and clinic professionals as a committed evangelistic team. Someone energized by a mission to heal bodies and save souls.

If that’s you, will you answer the call?

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