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In The Beginning
Dr. Stan Hudson was a geology major at the University of California at Riverside until personal events steered him into theology. A rockhound, he has always maintained a love for earth sciences. 

He is co-host of the weekly radio program, "Sink the Beagle," a lighthearted look at the issues of origin, using both science and scripture.

Dr. Hudson has participated in a university-sponsored dinosaur excavation of the Lance Creek Formation in Wyoming. A trained pastor with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, he has lectured widely on the subject before young and old with humor and candor.

Join Dr. Hudson as he discusses the issues surrounding life's oldest questions.

UPDATE:  Dr. Hudson has moved from the area, but you can listen to his radio program "Sink the Beagle" on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM on
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