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For Total Health Physician Group physicians, the clinics’ successes are most eloquently captured in the glowing stories told by patients and family members. Two in particular show the impact this innovative combination of medicine and ministry is having on the community and its residents.

A life-altering question
The University of Idaho professor was running out of options. He came to Total Health Physician Group after suffering four heart attacks and undergoing quadruple bypass surgery—and after he had finally fired his other doctors. “I just decided there had to be something missing,” he recalls. “I’d done the exercise, followed the diet and taken the medications, but it was all to no avail.”

During the get-acquainted session on his first visit to the clinic, Dr. Robert Spady asked a question that would change the professor’s life. “He asked me how my spirituality was,” he recalls, “and suggested a course of treatment that addressed my needs as a whole person.”

And though the professor had never considered his spiritual needs and was reluctant at first to make changes, he finally joined a study group and altered his eating habits to include a vegetarian diet.

“My health today is better than it has been in years,” the professor reports. “Combining spirituality with excellent medical care makes sense. And it feels good to have other people praying for your success.”

“We aren’t here to force people into a religious mold, but to help direct our patients to the core issues that relate to health,” says Dr. Spady. “And this is a great example of someone who saw incredible results.”

A community of caring
When Roger and Virginia first came to the clinic, Virginia was battling advanced stage breast cancer. Besides helping treat the cancer and manage her growing physical pain, Dr. John Torquato recognized the couple needed support through this trying time, and invited them to join a small prayer and fellowship “cell” group at his home.

“This was very good for Virginia and I,” the professor recalls. As the disease progressed and it became too difficult for her to attend, she encouraged her husband to continue, perceiving its positive affect. And when she passed away, the “cell group” continued to be a constant source of support for him.

Today, the professor is active in the group, and enthusiastically throws himself into its outreach activities. Along with other “cell group” participants, he now joins them in their outreach as they gather food for families in need, supply firewood, or visit hospitals.

For Dr. Torquato, the story of the professor and his wife illustrates everything Total Health Physician Group stands for and strives to achieve. “Here is a man who has become friends with Christ, and who has blessed my family and household,” he says. “It fills my heart with joy that a person I care about so much has found Jesus.”
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