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Phone: (509) 397-4305

Hours: Mon-Fri: (509) 397-4305 or (800) 809-3351

o    Multi social service agency which provides assistance to low-income, disabled and elderly individuals
o    This agency offers assistance/care management, information on nutrition, transportation, family caregiver support and respite programs
o    Transportation is available through COAST transportation
o    Eligibility—Any person who is 18 years and older and is

1.    Disabled (includes mental and/or physical disabilities) and needing continuous care.
2.    Face inappropriate hospitalization and/or premature placement if caregiver does not receive relief.

Respite Programs
o    Provides relief and support to families and friends who care for disabled adults at home
o    It focuses on the needs of caregivers, encourages them to take care of themselves, to prevent burnout, and to allow them time to pursue other activities that are essential to maintaining a healthy, well-balanced life.
o    It also offers comprehensive assessment of needs by professional staff
o    In-home and out-of-home care
o    Skill level of respite care equals to that provided by the caregiver

In-Home Worker Registry Program
o    This registry is a list of people who are interested in providing caregiver services in the home.
o    COA-HS screens each person listed before referring them out, and has reference on file for those interested in hiring
o    The persons on the list are not the employees of COA-HS.
o    The registry is available to use at no cost

Family Caregiver Support Program
o    This program is for those who care for others—family, friends, and neighbors. This group of people provide 70-90% of the long-term care in the Palouse area.
o    They help frail adults in many ways, from grocery shopping to bathing.
o    Technical assistance on legal, nutrition, physical therapy, mental health, and other issues.
o    Advice on durable medical equipment

○    Congregate meals—this service offers an opportunity for senior citizens to gather once or twice a week and enjoy a hot meal and socialize together
○    Congregate meal sites provide a noon meal to persons who are 60 years of age or older. The meals are hot, tasty and nutritious, coupled up with friendship, good conversation, and fun activities. Being with other people has a positive effect on morale, overall satisfaction with life, health and food intake. Making the effort to be together with others may be very important to an older person’s general well being
○    Meals meet one-third of the recommended daily nutrient allowance (RDA). Call for specific information about each site at 1-800-809-3351. Reservations are not required, it is better if the volunteer knows about the extra people coming
○    Donations are accepted for all meals.

Location    Days Open
Colfax Congregational Church    Wednesday
Oakesdale High School    Wednesday
Palouse Community Center    Wednesday
Pullman Senior Center    Monday and Friday
Rosalia Methodist Church    Tuesday
Tekoa High School Cafeteria    Thursday

○    Home-delivered meals and supplements—also known as Meals on Wheels provides prepared food to seniors and people with disabilities.
○    Volunteers deliver hot, pre-cooked daily meals in Colfax and Pullman. This is on donation basis
○    For those who are living in rural areas of Whitman County there frozen prepared meals available.
○    Nutritional liquid products in a variety of flavors are available for individuals who require additional supplementation to their regular diet or have special dietary needs.
○    Eligibility: People who cannot cook for themselves and depend on outside help. That includes people who are injured, disabled, or otherwise cannot prepare food, and people who have other issues which prevent them from being properly nourished. For more information call 509-397-4305
○    Scheduled transportation & Shopping assistance provides an opportunity for shut-ins to go shopping (or have shopping done for them), make medical appointments, and get places when normally limited from doing so. (509)-397-2935
○    Commodity Distribution and Food Bank—the council on Aging & Human Services is the lead agency responsible for country-wide distribution of commodity food. The Council on Aging & Human Services’ State and Federal Emergency Food Assistance distributions are held on day per month at the following and times

Please call at 800-809-3351 for specific dates at all of these locations:
Community    Location    Time
Palouse    Community Center    1:00—3:00PM
Rosalia    Methodist Church    9:00—11AM
Garfield    Community Center    10:00—11:00 AM
Lacrosse    Old Hardware Building    9:00—12:00 AM
Malden/Pine city    Felton Hall    8:00—10:00 AM
St. John    Methodist Church    9:00—10:00 AM
Oakesdale    Baptist Church    9:30—11:00 AM
Endicott    City Hall    6:00-7:30 PM
Tekoa    City Hall    10:00 AM--2:00 PM
Colton/Uniontown    Uniontown City Hall    8:00—12:00 PM
Colfax & Steptoe    S 418 Main (basement of former
IGA Bldg)    1:00—3:00 PM
Colfax Pantry    S 418 Main    4:00—6:00 PM
Malden Food pantry    Felton Hall    4:00—6:00 PM
Rosalia Food Bank    Christian Church, 114 E 7th    4:00—6:00 PM
WSU & Pullman    Community Action Center
Food bank    Mondays and Thursdays 9:00—11:00 AM
Wednesday evenings
4:00—6:00 PM

Coast Transportation
WA: (509)397-2935
Idaho: (800)967-2899
Fax Number : (509) 397-9229

o    Council on Aging and Human Services provides transportation program in eight counties and two states. In WA-Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, ID-Nez Perce, Idaho, Clearwater, Lewis, Latah
○    Coast operates as a Medicaid Transportation Brokerage in Whitman, Asotin and Garfield Counties in WA and is a Medicaid Transportation Provider in ID. People with Medicaid benefits, traveling to authorized medical services, can call COAST with a ride request. In most circumstances they can provide a variety of transportation options.
○    Subcontractors in all areas of service to provide the lowest cost, most appropriate transportation for all categories of clients.
○    Offers hands-on specialized assistance to people with disabilities. Many of the COAST transportation vehicles are wheelchair lift-equipped and meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. All COAST vehicle operators have been professionally trained in passenger assistance techniques and are sensitive to the needs of individuals who need mobility assistance.
○    COAST has contractual relationships with two offices of Aging & Long-term Care and provides transportation for people in Whitman County and several counties in Idaho who are sixty years of age and older to meal sites, medical appointments, shopping, social services, and other necessary services
○    It also offers transportation services, training and technical assistance and consult services for many social service agencies and other nonprofit organizations
○    Expands options for mobility by providing safe, affordable, accessible, coordinated and brokered transportation services.
○    This program receives primary funding from the following sources:
WA State—Aging & Long term care of Eastern WA, DSHS Health Recover Service Administration, private charters and contracts, Colfax & Community Fund and private donations.
ID State—Idaho region II Area Agency on Aging, Department of Health Welfare, fares, private charters and contracts, childcare agencies and private donations.


1912 Center
412 E 3rd St
Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: (208) 882-1562

Hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm  (Mon – Fri), closed on holidays

○    The center is open to the public and it is free for the public
○    Operation Warm Up includes knitting or crocheting caps, mittens, lap robes, etc. from yarn provided, for distribution throughout the community (If interested please call: (208) 883-7844)
○    Friendly neighbors meetings
○    Diabetes and Blindness Support Group
○    Travel Club meetings
○    Bingo, genealogy, bridge, pinochle, computer assistance, jigsaw puzzles, movies, and more
○    The center has 4 computers (PCs) and one IBM ThinkPad laptop, wireless laptop can access the internet at high speeds, print to a color printer
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