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Credit Counseling

1113 Main St
PO Box 1105
Lewiston ID, 83501
Phone: (208) 746-0127
    (800) 556-0127

○    Nonprofit service that is helping to solve debt repayment problems, to avoid bankruptcy, and to restore self-esteem, to prevent and solve personal financial problems
○    This service helps to develop an individualized budget for paying bills and planning future purchases
○    Strictly confidential
○    Teaches people about and helps with the new laws about bankruptcy

○    Accredited counseling service that provides service in four ways:
1.    Free financial counseling
2.    Debt management plans
3.    Bankruptcy pre-filing counseling& post-instructional course
4.    Financial Education
○    They offer education course “The Credit When Credit is Due” is a 12-lesson course designed to help individuals gain a better knowledge of money issues and responsibilities with credit, cost of the textbook $25 (must be prepaid before you receive the book, and class is included in it

Debt Management Plan—this is a program in which cooperation of as many creditors as possible are enlisted to reschedule debt payments and lower interest rates. The debtor makes monthly payments to the CCCS and they in turn disburse the payments out to the creditors.

○    Residents in Idaho and Eastern Washington

○    Initial set up fee is  $20 and a monthly fee of $5 per $100 payment, it is capped at $40 (That means that any payment over $800 dollars per month, the fee is a constant of $40 a month)
○    Example: If a person sets up a budget of paying $300 dollars a month towards their debts, the fee would be $15 per each month’s payment.
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