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○    The purpose of the RAP is to make safe rental housing more affordable to families and the elderly with limited incomes. In this program, participants generally pay 30% of their income for rent and utilities
○    A participating family pays at least 30% and not over 40% of their adjusted annual income for their rent and utilities. The RAP pays the balance of their rent to the owner or manager of the unit.

Family Size    Yearly Income
1    $18,400
2    $21,050
3    $23,650
4    $26,300
5    $28,400
6    $30,500
7    $32,600

○    Priority is given to households of working families or to elderly or disabled

How to go about becoming eligible:

○    Interested person must pick up a pre-application at the Community Action Center, fill it out completely and submit it to the CAC office. Within the next 15 days a preliminary decision of eligibility is determined
○    Once the preliminary decision is determined, applicant must wait for an opening. If there is one, interested person fills out a full application and eligibility is once again verified. (This verification takes about 15-30 days)
○     If the person qualifies, he/she will need to attend a briefing on the rental assistance program and the process.
○    After the briefing person/family has 60 days to find an appropriate unit that is for rent. Unit must be in a fair condition, it also must meet the RAP standards and is required to be within the “fair market” rental rate.
○    Eligible Rent Levels:
1 Bedroom—$475
2 Bedrooms—$615
                                    3 Bedrooms—$820
○    Person may stay in the unit he/she is renting at the time, if it meets all of the criteria
○    After all the agreements have been signed and the unit passes inspection, the rental assistance is provided. Person’s financial status and the condition of the unit is reviewed annually for eligibility.


627 N Van Buren, Ste 1
Moscow, ID 83843
Phone: (208) 883-3438
Fax: (208) 882-6085

○    Transitional shelter for men, women and children of the Palouse
○    Offers self-sufficiency programs
○    Support groups
○    Activities for children living there
○    A person interested to live in the shelter must make a long-term commitment (at least 6 months or more)
○    The staff members of Sojourner’s Alliance will help the individual to figure out why they became homeless in the first place and then will try to address all of them so they could be prevented in the future


○    Only homeless people who are not disabled are eligible
○    People who have a criminal background are eligible, unless they have a violent criminal background
○    Person with a history of child abuse is not eligible
○    Women who are victims of intense violence are not eligible (there are no facilities to help these women)
○    Residence is not determining factor of eligibility, in other words; the applicant may be from any county to become eligible

A person who is interested in the program needs to make a phone call (a pre-screening call) to the Sojourner’s Alliance (SA). In this phone call a staff member will ask several questions in which eligibility is determined. All of the applicants are screened for a background check etc.
If applicant is accepted, he/she must abide by the rules of SA. Once a resident, SA will take care of all the case management and referrals.
Men’s dormitory has 12 rooms, and it is ¾ full at this time (Winter 2008), the women’s dormitory has 4 rooms and it is full right now. There are also two family units that are full at this point (those are very hard to get into). However, the occupancy can change at any time, so it is always good to call and find out.
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