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o    The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps to pay winter heating bills or summer cooling bills of low-income and elderly people.
o    Funding is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Washington.
o    The LIHEAP provides a one-time benefit, to eligible households, to be used for energy bills. The amount of payment is determined by income, household size and fuel type.
o    An overdue bill or cut-off notice is not required.
o    Person may be eligible to receive assistance under LIHEAP if your household’s combined income is at or below the following levels shown on the chart below.
o    If you rent, and your heat and/or electric is included in the rent, then your rent must be greater than 30% of your income in order to be eligible to receive benefits.

People Living in Household    Unearned Monthly Income (ssi, ssa, tanf, childsupport, etc.)
1    $1,064
2    $1,426
3    $1,789
4    $2,151
5    $2,514
6    $2, 876
7    $3,239
8    $3,601
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